Product Re-Engineering

Software product companies need to envisage the future and adapt to the changing needs of customers to sustain and be successful in an over-crowded market place. When the long-term roadmap of a product is analyzed closely, product companies often find the need to re-build the existing architecture of a product to facilitate new changes required, and performance tune the product. Product Re-engineering focuses on transforming an existing product in order to reconstitute it in a new form and with new features, taking advantage of emerging technologies, but without major changes to the inherent functionality. The objective of re-engineering a product is to optimize its performance and value to the end-user.

Steps/Life Cycle involved

Sanhita Infotech’s successful product re-engineering services follows a structured process:

  • Understand the current business model of the client.
  • Identify existing modules/features.
  • Figure & address problem areas that require modification.
  • Identify and address the problem.
  • Plan and Prioritize new features to meet the current market requirements.
  • Study & Analyze existing architecture to check the feasibility to extend.
  • Re-design robust, scalable and extendible architecturẹ
  • Test & deliver re-engineered product.
  • Provide Value added support in the l1ive environment.