2 Way Messaging

2 Way Messaging enables you to start an interactive section with your client through SMS and widely used for many value-added services.

2 Way Messaging basically works with keyword, which is a unique word assigned to the long code number. When you or your customers send an SMS from any mobile with a specific keyword given by you, they will get an automatic reply, which is set by you. In addition to automatic reply, by enabling URL forwarding, you can customize the reply and information can be fetched from your remote database too based on the keyword & sub keywords. URL Forwarding works with GET & POST method.


  • Easy-to-use Control Panel (Powered by HTML 5, JQUERY & AJAX)
  • Detailed View of Incoming Traffic with Operator & Circle
  • Details Traffic View on Chart and Google Maps
  • Add Keywords
  • Unlimited Sub-keywords
  • Option to Define Handle Types (SMS, URL Forwarding, Voice Calls)
  • Configure Auto Response as SMS or Voice Calls
  • API to forward all traffic to your website (URL Forwarding)

Why 2 Way Messaging Needed?

Long codes/Virtual Numbers are 10 digits shared or dedicated numbers which enables 2-way messaging between you and your customers/clients and widely used for many value-added services such as.

  • Product/Service Customer Feedbacks
  • Voting & Polling
  • Automated Lead Generation
  • Online Subscriptions/Verifications
  • Exam Results
  • Media & Entertainment Sectors
  • Product Registrations/Verifications
  • Vehicle Tracking Using GPS
  • Luck Draw, SMS Based Quiz Programs
  • SMS Based Recharging